Theme Parks in Fiji

This wonderful little island has its own kind of theme parks. You may not find theme parks that you’re used to, but Fiji goes to the beat of her own drummer.

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a few minutes north of Nadi in Nausori Highlands. Developed in 1977, this massive landscaped garden houses many of Fiji’s native plants and a large collection of orchids, some native and others from countries all over the globe. This peaceful, sleepy, quiet garden is open from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm.

The Orchid Island Culture Center is another one of Fiji’s major attractions. This island is formed around a natural river and has been made into a microcosm of the island of Fiji. You”ll find a stunning display of animals, plants and flowers, customs, rituals and crafts. The Orchid Island Culture Center us located in Veisari along Queens Highway, about 10km outside of Suva. The address is PO Box 1018, Suva and the phone is 679 – 3361 227.

Perched on Taveuni Island, Bouma National Park is a popular Fiji attraction. At Bouma National Park you’ll find waterfalls, volcanic peaks, and awe inspiring rain forests. This park is also the home of the Tavoro Falls, three magnificent waterfalls that are about an hour-hike away from the main road.

Perhaps a bit different than the theme parks of Australia, Fiji Holidays popular national attractions are culturally rich, historical and enticing.

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