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Fiji Cyclone April 2012

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Houses in Fiji Cyclone

Houses in Fiji Cyclone (source:

For those looking for a new relaxing island vacation destination, the island nation of Fiji could be a great option. Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean and has a wide variety of beautiful beaches, tropical wildlife, and some of the clearest and warmest ocean waters found in the world. Prior to planning a trip to any destination, all people should be fully aware of the nation’s climate and weather patterns. Understanding Fiji weather and seasons is no exception.

Fiji is a tropical marine nation, which means that it is located near the equator. Due to its proximity to the equator Fiji tends to remain warm throughout the year and there are rarely any extremes to either the high or low temperature. Temperatures on the island typically average close to 85 degrees every day throughout the warm season and around 75 degrees during the cool season. The island does contain some high points of elevation which can see lower temperatures later at night.

While the weather does remain warm throughout the year, rainfall during the year can keep people inside for a portion of their trip. Rainfall tends to be at its heaviest during the warmer summer months, which range from December until April in Fiji. During this time of the year, the risk for monsoons and cyclones are at their greatest risk. These storms typically take place at least once per year on average and can vary in significance, so it is important to keep this in mind when planning your Fiji holidays.

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