Fiji Holidays


Fiji (Photo by miguel sancheese)

Fiji is an island located in Melanesia in the southern portion of the Pacific Ocean that uses the Fijian Dollar as its currency. The main attractions for Fiji holidays are located on the islands of Nadi and Denarau. Both islands feature coral reefs and spots to go scuba diving. There are now several discount resorts that are great spots to stay while on holiday that are located on Denarau.

Nadi is the hub of the tourist activity in Fiji, and has more hotels than anywhere else in the country. The Waqadra Botanical Gardens and the Sleeping Giant Gardens in Nadi, Fiji are great spots to see for anyone that has no interest in the ocean. They both feature plants that will not be seen anywhere else in the world.

The weather is one of the main reasons why Fiji holidays are becoming so popular. Since Fiji is located in the southern hemisphere, the summer occurs from November to March. This is also the time that has the heaviest rainfall. The average temperatures of Fiji during the summer are about 31.5 degrees Celsius. There will also be around 13-20 rainy days during the summer.

The weather is slightly better during the winter months. Winter in Fiji occurs between June and September. The average temperatures in the winter will be about 28.5 degrees Celsius. It will also only rain about 5 days a month during the winter. The great weather and beautiful natural attractions make Fiji a great holiday destination.

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